Bengal Cat Association - Welfare

Re-homing & Welfare

The Bengal Cat Association are happy to advertise Bengals that need assistancebeing re-homed.
You can email our Welfare Officer on:


Bengal girl needing a furever home due to her owner passing away 😢
She is from Carshalton Surrey in the Uk
The family are wanting to find their mums much loved kitty a loving safe forever home. they can't keep her as they already have cats that won't accept her.
Her name is Elsa, she is a 9 year old pedigree Bengal
She is spayed and Micro chipped .
She has a very sweet nature and does not scratch or bite
She has lived with other cats before but would probably prefer not to
She is an outside cat but has recently been staying inside. We do not know if the is due to her owners death or other cats bulling her outside. Because of this she will need access to a litter tray at the moment
She plays fetch with rolled up paper or balls
If you are interested in offering this beautiful girl a loving permanent home please get in touch and we will be able to give you more details

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