1. Only fully paid up members of the BCA are eligible to enter. Members are eligible to enter at any stage in the season.

2. The Owner is responsible for sending Mrs A Finch the following information by email if they want to be included in the competition.

a. Owners Name, contact details.
b. Cat's name & D.O.B.
c. Name of Show & date.
d. Classes claimed.

3. The claims must be received within 2 weeks of the show.

4. Claims received after this date will not be included no exceptions.

5. Only GCCF shows are eligible.

6. Points that cannot be verified will not be included.

7. Points claimed incorrectly will be removed.

8. Persistent violations will result in removal from the competion.

9. The Points League runs during the GCCF season. (GCCF show year runs form 1st June to end of May)

10. The cat is the winner rather than the owner.

11. Any Bengal cat owned by a member can be entered.

12. Jointly owned cats can be entered. Both have to be members of the BCA.

13. Cats must be GCCF registered Bengal cats.

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