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About Gandalf & Aragorn

Area: West Midlands   Breed: Brown Spotted Bengal            Age: 9 years    Sex: Male    Fee: £100 each

Gandalf and Aragorn are brown rosetted Bengal brothers born in 2010, they are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

They can be skittish which is why they must be indoor only cats, they do try to get out so would possibly enjoy a cat safe garden.

Both cats have calmed down a lot now and no longer knock things off shelves etc for the fun of it but they are still very inquisitive and are true Bengals. Quite vocal they love to be around me but on their terms not lap cats but like stroking and attention and understand many words. Gandalf when younger would let you stroke him and sometimes nip quite sharply but as he gets older this is rare and as I am used to him I watch for the turn of his head that tells me he could be thinking of it but in fairness now on the rare occasions I barely feel it and he does it and runs so its more like a game to him. They are good at opening fridges and cupboards and like toilets which is why I keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed or at least the toilet seat down as Gandalf will try to drink from it or a tap drink too much and be sick. They are on a large kibble biscuit as Gandalf would just swallow the small biscuits and be sick but since I changed their food is massively better and it’s improving his teeth as they were being affected by not chewing which he has to do with the new food. They love sardines or tuna in spring water as a treat (I measure their food as they will eat like dogs given half a chance) they also love tiny bits of cheese. When they were kittens I had a German Shepherd cross and an older cat and they soon sorted the hierarchy out they would tease the dog but all got on really well. They have regularly been subjected to my two grandchildren who are now 11 and 7 and when they have had enough will take themselves off behind a chair they have never bitten or attacked them, but I have taught the children to also be kind towards them.

They have moved to a new house several times and adjusted well to it only hard part is getting them into cat baskets it becomes an art form to con them as picking them up to do it isn't easy and they will always win.

I live in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands and can be contacted by email initially. I would ask a rehoming fee of £100 each and they must be homed together as are really close.

For more information or to express an interest in Gandalf and Aragorn please email Carole -

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